scalp micropigmentation balmain

Hair loss is a common problem that can hurt people’s self-esteem.  People worldwide, both men and women, will lose more hair than they expect, and often sooner than they expect. From the age of 35, about 40% of men start losing hair. By the age of 50, pattern hair loss affects about half of all men and a quarter of all women worldwide.

What is scalp micro pigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp micropigmentation (also known as SMP) places pigment in the skin that looks like short or shaved hair.  It creates a natural look for hairs coming through the scalp, even in bald areas. Cosmetic hair loss treatment providers use special equipment to introduce the pigment and choose from a selection of pigments to match your skin and hair color.  The treatment is also described as a medical hair tattoo in some settings. The procedure is a highly advanced, non-surgical aesthetic solution to create a perfectly shaved look.

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